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Posing for the camera: Lottie, Asti, Luka, Eva and Storm (Photo by Supashotz.com)

Zaminka Samoyeds are located at Te Horo in the lower North Island, one hour north of Wellington City, the Capital of New Zealand. Gary and Lyn live on a 10 acre block and aside from a long time involvement with our Canines; we also have a strong interest in Equines and enjoy Thoroughbred Racing. We breed and race and enjoy this interest.  We have been involved with Samoyeds since 1970 and have also had American Cockers, Akitas and a Pomeranian, all of which we have exhibited successfully. We are both New Zealand Kennel Club Licensed Judges and enjoy judging the groups we are licensed for very much. See our judge’s profiles:  Gary's Profile  Lyn's Profile. We are the only Samoyed Kennel in New Zealand that have bred or owned three Grand Champions. All three have been campaigned in tough North Island competition.

In 2009 we were delighted to have Jess Bello join our successful team. Jess has proven to be a very capable handler of not only our Samoyeds, but many other breeds as well. In her few years in the show ring, she has notched up more wins than many seasoned exhibitors, and we are indeed very privileged to have her join us! Jess’s love of the Samoyed breed shows in the way the dogs show much adoration for her, it has to be seen to be believed!! We have formed a strong bond and each of us have dedicated our time and knowledge to continuing to improve our lines, by carefully selecting the very best sires and dams, in order to develop the quality Samoyed we all desire.

The Samoyed is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament.  Samoyeds are excellent family companions. They are extremely trustworthy, and affectionate to all mankind. They are not a dog to be left outdoors, but, rather, they must be made full members of the family. Please see litters page for more about our babies.

We welcome inquiries from those with a serious interest in raising an outstanding and loving Samoyed. Please contact us if you wish to have a beautiful, healthy pet or a top show dog.